Hypnotherapy Services

I can provide therapy in the following:

  • Smoking/drinking
    Hypnotherapy has a good record for helping people permanently take control of these addictive habits.
  • Panic attacks
    Find the root cause of what triggers these very uncomfortable symptoms – and stop them.
  • Stress management
    Using hypnosis, clients learn to deal positively with stress at home and work, become more confident and improve image.
  • Weight control
    The reasons for overeating are often hidden in the subconscious. Hypnosis gently reveals memories and triggers, which you were not aware of, that prompt you to eat when you’re not hungry.
  • Fears/phobias
    Whether it’s heights, enclosed spaces, spiders or the Tube, irrational fears can be treated using Hypnosis.
  • Pain control
    Clients with problems such as arthritis and angina have been helped to cope and the pain has been alleviated. After hypnosis, childbirth and dental treatment can be managed more easily
  • Increase natural ability
    A fear of failure prevents many people from achieving their true potential. Hypnosis can treat this too.
  • Sports Psychology
    Improve your golf, tennis, skiiing or whatever sport you would like to get better at
  • Migraine
    Hypnotherapy can help combat these debilitating headaches
  • Stuttering
    The causes of this often embarrassing condition are often psychological and in hypnosis can be found and treated
  • Epilepsy
    With hypnotherapy the sufferer can reduce the stress which often causes fits and consequently have fewer attacks.
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
    Reducing the stressors that trigger physical reactions.
  • Performance Anxiety
    Releasing the fear and increasing the enjoyment.
  • Speed reading/ recall /increasing concentration
    Improving exam performance.
  • Relationships
    Releasing past routines /energizing the present/future.
  • Children
    Reducing emotional reactions.
    Improving potential, confidence and concentration.
  • Fertility /IVF cycles
    Optimizing emotional and physical balance.
  • Hypnolabour and postnatal recovery
    Preparing body before pain management throughout labour and delivery.